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21Don’t pay too much for your concreting!  There is no job too big or too small – we can pour exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, coloured concrete and grey concrete.

All concrete extensions are drilled and pinned to the existing slabs to prevent movement, while controls cuts are made to control any future cracking.




Choose from a wide array of different finishes.  The finishes shown are achieved by working on the concrete while it is still wet or within a few days of concrete placement.

Light Exposure – Reveals the fine aggregates (sand) and a few stones of the course aggregate, this is great for footpaths or outdoor areas.

Broom Finish – This is one of the simplest finishes, whereby a broom is pulled across the concrete to provide texture.  The broom finishing results in fine lines in the finish of the concrete.

Honed – Honing is a process that removes the surface layer of concrete, cutting the aggregate to produce a smooth, matt low maintenance finish. Suitable for outdoor areas that may require a greater slip resistance than polished finishes.

Polished – Polished concrete is concrete that is honed and then polished.  The concrete is machined for a longer period of time using finer abrasives until the surface is extremely glossy and reflective.  Ideal for kitchen, living areas and accentuates spacious design by bringing the outdoors in.

Trowel – Patterns can be made on the concrete, such as swirls, or different size arcs.  The texture created can be course, medium, or smooth depending on the tool used to impart the pattern.  This is perfect for courtyards and driveways.

Heavy Exposure – Reveals more stone, resulting in the aggregate protruding from the concrete surface, this is ideal for driveways or pool areas requiring more grip.

Concreting Procedure

For general paths, patios and driveways.

  • The subgrade is levelled either by hand or skid-steer loader. If required a layer of crusher dust is spread and compacted.
  • If joining onto existing concrete, holes are drilled and steel rods are epoxy fixed.
  • A poly plastic moisture barrier is laid and taped together.
  • If the top of the new concrete is within 75mm of the bottom of the weepholes, a physical termite barrier will need to be installed.
  • A minimum of 6mm (F62) steel reinforcing mesh is used, and tied together.
  • A 20 mpa with 20mm aggregate is either directly poured, barrowed or pumped depending on access.
  • A portavibe is used to compact the concrete where required.
  • After screeding and bull floating, the concrete is left untouched until all bleed water has dried.
  • At this stage edges are rounded and the final steel trowel is done.
  • The concrete can be mechanically trowelled by using a power floater (helicopter) or stick trowelled.
  • If a non-slip surface is required, a broom finish is then applied.
  • All required control joints are saw cut as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove existing concrete?

Yes we can. We work with Earthfleet which have access to any combination of machinery. Ranging from tight access machines, all the way the 50t excavators, breakers and tippers.

Do you use licenced concretors.

All our staff and contractors have Certificate III in concreting. CDF holds a concreting contractors licence.

Does all concrete crack?

To put in simple terms, the answer is yes. All concrete will crack, and this is why all our pours are soft cut ASAP to give the concrete a controlled line to follow. This will prevent unsightly random cracking.

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Our Happy Clients

A very big thank-you for your great customer service and a fabulous job done! I would freely recommend your company and we are more than pleased with the outcome. It looks absolutely great. The boys worked very hard and I can appreciate how hot it became in the sun. When we are ready for some stencilling or paint work we will be in touch.

Thank-you again CDF for an outstanding job, the finish results speak for themselves,

Darryl & Leanne



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