Concrete Grinding

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Concrete Grinding

CDF own a variety of grinding machines. Our trailer mounted 3-phase generator allow us to work where suitable power is not available. We have extensive range of floor grinders, varying in sizes from handheld 100mm grinders for hard to reach areas, to our new ride-on 1200mm machine for heavy duty grinding.  All of our grinders have dust shrouds which enable us to connect dust extractors and separators to provide as dust-free environment as possible.




Vinyl and Tile Removal

CDF own 2 Jack hammers on trollies and 3 hand held jack hammers, all with tile smasher heads. All doorways are blocked off with plastic sheets, and room ventilators are used to extract any dust. Once tiles are lifted, the glue is removed by dustless diamond grinding.

Vinyl and cork floors are removed by using our floor scraper, and glue is then diamond ground off.

All rubbish is taken off site and dumped using our tipper trailer.

cuttingConcrete Cutting

CDF have a number of concrete saws able to cut up to 200mm deep horizontally, and 150mm vertically.

We can drill concrete from as small as 8mm to 150mm core drill.

Mowing and Profiling

Our tungsten tip Scarifier/Profiling machine removes trip hazards and levels uneven concrete.
Ideal for sidewalk repairs, coating and traffic line removal, floor preparation and creating non-slip surfaces.

A concrete mower is used for high speed grinding and coating removal where extremely rough and uneven concrete is present. This can be done either wet or dry depending on the requirements. This machine is perfect for grinding and honing exposed aggregate to a flat surface.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grind exposed aggregate?

Yes. By using our LPG Honda powered concrete mower, we can grind the rock to a smooth finish. This then can be sealed or resurfaced with Spray-on Paving.

What if I don't have accessible power?

We have our own trailer mounted 25KVA  generator. This will provide all the 3 phase and 240v power required.

Do you provide adequate dust extraction?

We have a number of dust extractors (vacuum cleaners) to eliminate almost all airborne dust.



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